Traveling Dresses

Here's how it works..... The cost of rental is discounted AND a flower crown is included with the dress rental!!! PLUS you only pay shipping one way, since the dress goes from photographer to photographer, rather than coming back to me in between each rental. (You pay shipping at the post office when you ship the dress on to the next person!)

You have the dress for about 3 days, you receive it on FRIDAY, and you ship it out on Monday. So you have it to shoot with Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, and even Monday morning. ****It is possible that the dress will arrive on Thursday, but to be safe, you should plan for a Friday arrival date.

Once you've paid and secured your spot you'll be added to our private "Traveling Dress" group on FB where I post the schedule, rules, details, and we all get to connect and share images! 

This is a super fun project and a great way to add some extra love to your photography. I hope you'll join us on the journey!

Here are the things you need to know:
-You MUST MUST MUST ship USPS PRIORITY Mail  OR UPS 3 DAY SELECT. Do NOT ship "Ground", it will not arrive in time!!!!!!!
-You MUST get the dress to the post office on Monday before they close! Getting to the post office after closing time is not an excuse! If that happens, you will be required to ship via EXPRESS shipping to make up for the lost day.
-It is much cheaper to print your shipping label online!! You can use paypal OR to print labels! The most important thing is that you use these dimensions: 20x10x8
-Shipping should be around $10-$20, at the very most $25, for the heaviest dresses, but there aren't many of those!
-I will send you the address that you will be shipping to on Saturday or Sunday. You don't need to message me asking for it, I have a system where I send it to all the groups at the same time, so just wait for it.
-Please make sure to take extra good care of this dress so the person that has it after you can have as wonderful of an experience as you had!
-The hem of this dress should NEVER be allowed to drag on the ground.
- NO animals of any kind should touch the dress.
- NO sand or water of any kind should touch the dress, EVER. (Beach, lake, stream are not strictly banned, but you need to take super extra care of the dress in these locations.)
- NEVER allow your model to sit on the ground or a rough surface (like a log) without putting something beneath them to protect the dress.)
-If the dress gets damaged or dirty, please message me! I promise I won't yell at you or get mad, what I will do is help figure out the best way to fix it!
-If you fail to follow these rules you will be banned from participating on any Traveling Dresses in the future.
-If the dress is lost/stolen/damaged due to negligence on your part, you are responsible for 100% of the retail value of the dress, due immediately. This includes but is not limited to:
1. Providing an incorrect shipping address.
2. The package being stolen off your porch. 
3. Once tracking shows "delivered", the gown is 100% your responsibility. Before it shows "delivered", it is MY responsibility. You are NOT liable for packages lost in the mail during transit.
-If you fail to ship the dress on time, and in the correct manner, you will be banned from participating in any and all Traveling Dresses in the future.
-By completing a transaction for a Traveling Dress you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
-Please feel free to use my mannequin images to advertise on your page!
Last, have fun!!! I can't wait to see all your glorious images!!!!!



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