In the event that you need to cancel or re-schedule a traveling dress rental, a refund will be allowed only if you notify us with enough time to re-book your slot, and we are able to fill that slot. If we are unable to fill your slot, a cancellation/refund/reschedule will not be allowed. Once a Traveling Dress has shipped to you, it cannot be canceled or refunded.

RETURNS and EXCHANGES:                                                                           

We stand behind everything we make! If we've made a mistake with your dress we will fix it at absolutely no charge to you! However, due to the handmade, custom nature of our dresses, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can a custom color or custom size dress be returned or exchanged. We are more than happy to help you in the design process and give recommendations and opinions, but in the end, the custom color choices are yours. We spend countless hours making and creating gorgeous color combinations and getting them photographed to provide as many options as possible, so if you decide to go with something all your own, that’s great! But we can’t re-sell it if you decide you don’t like the way it turned out.

COLOR SWATCH:                                                                                               

We HIGHLY recommend purchasing a COLOR SWATCH before you order so you can see the color in person! We strive to have all our dresses photographed in natural lighting with minimal editing and no filters, but lighting, editing and screen settings can make colors vary drastically.


CANCELLING an ORDER:                                                                                   

We start on your order right away! So once an order has been placed you only have 24 hours to contact us if a cancellation or a change is needed. After that we cannot change, or cancel/refund your order.



It can sometimes be difficult to get a perfect fitting dress when you're not able to try it on, and that's why we prefer to make the dress with your little gal's custom measurements. But even with measurements, a perfect fit doesn't always happen, because every body is shaped differently. We happily offer alterations, and pricing will vary depending on the job. *If you choose to have alterations done elsewhere, for any reason, under no circumstances will you be reimbursed by us for another seamstresses alteration fee. Please consider this, along with our make time, when planning your timeline for ordering.



Please allow 8 weeks for your dress to be made and shipped!




 *****Under NO circumstances should the hem of this gown be allowed to drag on the ground or the child allowed to walk on it. That's the quickest way to damage a gown. Please be careful and pick up the gown when walking.


**********You may NOT rent a gown if anyone in your household smokes. You WILL BE CHARGED the full retail value of the gown if you return a dress that smells of smoke!!!!********

***Do not sit down or lean on any surface that can snag or stain the fabric of this gown. If you MUST sit down, make sure the area is clean or put something down for the child to sit on.


Rental Term Limit:

Rental term limit consists of 5 days. Items must be postmarked on the 5th day.


Return Shipping:

You must ship the gown back via USPS PRIORITY MAIL or USPS or FedEx. Do NOT ship via USPS Ground, that service takes up to 2 weeks and you will be charged a late fee. We recommend printing a return shipping label via PayPal, it will be slightly cheaper and easier than standing in line at the post office. 


Late Fee:

-A $50 late fee, per day, per dress, will be charged for each day that items are not returned.

-If the late fee accrues to amount equal to 200% the retail value, the dress(es) now belong to the customer.



-Cleaning and normal wear and tear is expected and is already calculated into the rental cost. 

-Any damages considered beyond "normal" or "minor" wear and tear will be assessed an alteration fee, based on the amount of damage. Any rips, tears, holes, stains, or strong smells are NOT considered normal wear and tear and you will be charged once the damage has been assessed.

-If a dress has been returned damaged "beyond repair" the customer will be charged full retail value without a refund of the rental payment.

-If a dress is returned smelling of cigarette smoke you will be charged a minimum $150 cleaning fee, and you will be banned from renting from us in the future.

-If a dress is returned with pet hair and/or smelling of animals you will be charged a minimum $150 cleaning fee. 


Extending Rental Term Limit:

If the gown(s) are available you may extend your rental time period for an additional 5 day rental period depending on availability. Please contact us as soon as you know that you need to extend your rental period.


Cancelling a rental: 

Cancellations are allowed if made within 7 days of the rental being booked. You will receive a refund in the form of store credit that may be used on another rental. After the 7 days have passed from the original order date, a cancellation (or date change) is no longer allowed.


AT this time we do not offer partnerships or franchise deals. 

We do not allow any boutiques or private parties to offer the rental of our gowns to their own customers. Doing so violates our company policy and community standards. If you are found to be renting our gowns you will be declined from purchasing our gowns in the future and banned from our community pages.