Follow your passion, and success will follow you


Over the last 15 years of making high end, hand made dress, there has been one preeminent realization that has come to the surface: "It's not about the dress, it's how the dress makes you feel." Being able to see how something as seemingly simple as a couture dress can completely ratify the constitution of a young girl has compelled us to strive to always consider that first moment when a young girl puts on our dress for the first time in every step of the process. From design, to fabric choice to the detail in sewing - we want it to be the absolute most magical experience possible.


Whitney started as a photography major with no classical design training. She began working at starting this company as a way to provide for her family. For 15 years, the market has responded with overwhelming reception of her designs and production quality as she grows year after year after year. Now, Whitney is able to utilize the company that her hard work and faithfulness have built as a tool to help other woman have the opportunity to provide for their families.


We don't just design - we engineer. These dresses are made to be both the highest expression of fashion with effortless playful whimsy and a graceful elegance that can take your breath away, while simultaneously realizing we are making clothes for real people who want to live and enjoy life in our dresses. We only use the highest quality materials and believe if we take the extra time to always do our best, it will translate to the end product in a way that gives our customers a garment they can pass down for generations.


Excellence is not a moral responsibility but for those who choose to accept the rigors of holding themselves to a higher standard, their reward will be the ability to provide a greater service to those they have the opportunity to serve. We choose excellence in everything we do because we value the importance of the opportunity we have to give a young girl a life defining moment of truly feeling like a princess.

The world is not changed by politicians, popes or superheros. It is changed by those who dare to abandon themselves to the passions of their convictions and stare unwavering into the unknown of life. These are the true pioneers of the freedoms and comforts that are destine to be the soil from which future generations will have the opportunity to harvest great crops of peace, creativity and wisdom. Dare to embrace this task for the sake of what can be built on the bedrock of your faithfulness to your conviction.

The Whitney Crimefighter

Head Designer / Founder / CEO

Cosette Crimefighter

Manager of Rentals / Executive Assistant

Ryan L King

Operations & Business Development