Traveling Rental Dress: The Talya Gown in Yellow and Blue: Size 5, fits 3-7


The Talya Gown is a classic light blue, 3D floral lace, over soft, pastel yellow. The layers consist of lace/mesh/satin, all layers with horsehair trimmed hem + a sewn in tutu.This is a size 5 dress shown on a size...

Size: May 10th-20th (10 Day Rental: DOUBLE DAYS RENTAL DEAL)

Size: May 10th-20th (10 Day Rental: DOUBLE DAYS RENTAL DEAL)
May 10th-20th (10 Day Rental: DOUBLE DAYS RENTAL DEAL)
May 24th-June 3rd (10 Day Rental: DOUBLE DAYS RENTAL DEAL)

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The Talya Gown is a classic light blue, 3D floral lace, over soft, pastel yellow. The layers consist of lace/mesh/satin, all layers with horsehair trimmed hem + a sewn in tutu.

This is a size 5 dress shown on a size 4, 4 year old model. 


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The Traveling Dress Program: The Process.....please read...

1. You rent a dress!

2. That dress ships out on Monday and arrives on Friday.

3. You have an ahhhmazing photo shoot on
Friday night, Saturday and/or Sunday!

4. Sunday night:
-You steam the dress, pack it up beautifully in the same box/dress bag/tissue paper that it arrived in, and you make sure you have the headband and maybe a hoop skirt too packed in with the dress!

-Also on Sunday night: You get an email from me that contains the UPS shipping label to send your dress onward. You print that label out and attach it to the box after removing any old labels.

5. Monday morning: You take the dress to a UPS STORE, and you GET A RECEIPT from them! That's your proof of shipment. You then take a pic of that receipt and email it back to me, and VOILA! That's it! Your next step is to share all those gorgeous images on our VIP page so we can all oooh and ahhh and share in the beauty and the fun of a couture dress session!

***Please note: You should never EVER be booking shoots for Thursday or early Friday! Friday is the arrival day, and it sometimes happens that UPS has delays and may deliver your dress late in the evening on Friday. If a late Friday arrival happens, you are NOT entitled to a refund or a new rental. HOWEVER, if your dress arrives on Saturday, you ARE entitled to one of two options:
-an extended rental if available
-OR a new rental spot on that dress

Here's how it works:

1. When your rental is over, you are REQUIRED to drop it off to a UPS STORE on Monday before 5pm local time. If you miss this cutoff time for drop-off, please message/email me at for a new, upgraded label. 

*  (We will NO LONGER allow UPS access points for drop off and we DO NOT USE the post office anymore, period!!!!)

2. Before you are due to drop the dress off at UPS on Monday, you will receive a pre-paid UPS shipping label from me, via email, on Saturday or Sunday. DO NOT get your own label and ship back to the return address. That is the person that sent it to you, NOT the person it is being shipped to!!!!!

4. You MUST get a receipt, that's your proof of shipment. Send me a picture of it on Monday right after you drop your dress off.

5. You will receive an email with tracking, please follow along and notify me on MONDAY NIGHT if something doesn't look right. (Add to your contacts list to help these emails go to your inbox and not spam)

Do's and Dont's: PLEASE READ

1. You are required to pack the dress properly before sending it onward. If your rental dress has a tulle underskirt, you are required to steam it before packing. Please go to the FB group for instructional videos on how to do this.

2. Things that are NOT ALLOWED while wearing a Rental Dress:

-Climbing Trees
-Laying on the ground
-Sitting on damp/muddy/dirty ground
-Letting the hem drag on the ground
-Going into water (like beach, lake, pond, etc.)

3. Things that you SHOULD do:

-ALWAYS pick up the entire hem of the dress when your model is changing location.
-Put something under the model when sitting on anything that may not be clean, or make be rough or able to snag the dress (like a log or park bench).
-Shoes should be OFF if putting the dress on feet first.
-Message me if you get the dress dirty, I will help you wash it (it's very easy!).

-If you fail to follow these rules, you will be banned from participating in any and all Traveling Dresses in the future.

More details you need to know...

- Dresses are washed and repacked approx every fourth weekend. If you happen to get a box that has been smashed, please replace it with a new box of similar/smaller size.

- Every dress comes with a headband or crown. Please check and make sure your dress has its headband, and message me right away if you don't have it! Also, please check and make sure you're packing the headband with the dress before you ship it out! (***If you ship a dress onward withOUT its headband, you will need to pay a $100 "lost headband/rush shipping" fee so I can purchase and rush ship a new headband onward.
-The headband that comes with your dress *may* be different than what is shown (this will typically only happen if a headband has been lost and we've had to replace it with the next best option.)

.........Terms and Conditions..........
By completing a transaction for a Traveling Dress you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
If the dress is lost/stolen/damaged due to negligence on your part, you are responsible for 100% of the retail value, due immediately. This includes but is not limited to:
1. Providing an incorrect shipping address.
2. The package being stolen off your porch.
3. Once tracking shows "delivered", the gown is 100% your responsibility. Before it shows "delivered", it is MY responsibility. You are NOT liable for packages lost in the mail during transit AS LONG AS you have provided a receipt showing tracking and acceptance by UPS. If you have NOT gotten a receipt, and the dress is lost in transit, YOU are 100% responsible for it, as without a receipt, I have no way to know you've even shipped it and no way to file a claim with UPS for a missing package! So get those receipts ladies!


-Please feel free to use my mannequin images to advertise on your page!

-Please message or email with any questions or concerns, I'm always here to help!! **Messaging on FB is better than tagging me, I get tagged a bunch, so I don't usually see all of them!

-Make sure to post your pics on the VIP page and tag us when you post on your page!! I will be starting a monthly drawing for people that post and credit Little Dreamers to win a free Traveling Rental spot!

Last, have fun!!! I can't wait to see all your glorious images!!!!!


Photo credit:
Ela Photography
Sunshine and Wild Air Photography
MLoueeze Photography
Lauren Detzel Photography
Doreen Demarest Photography
Melanie Scott Photography
Jeni Bernatz Photography
Kayla Furman Photography
Moments by Marianne Photography